Wand'ring Again

small adventures in Eastern North Carolina and beyond


I moved to Greenville, North Carolina in 1998, and have lived here ever since. If you are familiar with the town, then you understand why traveling, even if it is only day-tripping, is an important part of my life. Greenville is an affordable place to live, but beyond some pleasant residential areas, it is mostly a collection of strip malls, chain restaurants, and industrial/professional parks. The one bright spot is River Park North, but sadly the place is unbearable during many months when the heat and humidity are oppressive and the mosquitoes are plentiful and ravenous.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I would need to explore lots of locations beyond Greenville if staying here was to be tolerable. Over the years I’ve visited many wonderful places in North Carolina, and I look forward to revisiting some and discovering new ones in the years ahead. I’ll be using this blog to chronicle some of my little adventures. My goal is to simply amuse myself, but perhaps a few others will get some small enjoyment from my postings from time to time.

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